Sadako: hands-on in times of pandemic

From home or at the office, all these hands (Sadako’s hands) have kept working to generate Artificial Intelligence that gives eyes to waste sorting robots all over the World. It’s now more than a year since coronavirus crisis impacted our lives and our jobs, but Sadako team hasn’t stopped at all. We’re fortunate that most

Sadako in the Press

Sadako Technologies has recently appeared in several leading media, which have reflected its activity and achievements and the importance that Artificial Intelligence is having in the waste management sector. Thanks for spreading the word! Jun 2020 EXPANSIÓN ROBOTS AND ‘START UP’, THE MOST STRATEGIC ALLIANCE May 2020 ABC NATURAL A WORLD OF GREEN ROBOTS Apr

Max-AI extending its impact

In April 2017, after an extraordinary R+D effort, first unit of Max-AI© robotic sorter started operation. Since then, an impressive number of units have been sold in 4 continents. More than 40 Max’s are already installed and working hard every day, sorting waste and contributing to better recycling and environment preservation. Many others are sold

SADAKO participates in the HR-RECYCLER European Project

The participation of Sadako in this new European Project, called HR-Recycler (Hybrid Human-Robot Recycling plant for electrical and electronic equipment) supposes a new opportunity for the company to expand the impact of its technology in the waste and recycling industry. Leaded by CERTH (The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas, located in Thessaloniki, Greece), the HR-Recycler

We’re Hiring – We Want You !

Are you a talented informatics engineer, computer scientist or similar with knowledge in Artificial Intelligence? Do you want to work in a cutting-edge company that uses AI to build a better and more sustainable world? You may be interested in our open positions:                 AI ENGINEER 2018