Excellent welcome to Wall-B in the Automatization Workshop organized by ASPLARSEM

The Technical Workshop about Automatization organized by ASPLARSEM (Spanish Association of selection and recovery of municipal waste containers) took place on 7 and 8 October 2015, in the Auditorium of the Centre of Tractament of Residus Municipals Gavà-Viladecans. As part of this conference, the CEO of Sadako Eugenio Garnica gave a presentation about Wall-B, our municipal

Sadako Technologies pitch at RoboBusiness 2015, California

Our CEO Eugenio Garnica had the honour to pitch in front of a prestigious jury and more than 300 people in the RoboBusiness Pitchfire contest, where on last Septmber, the 23rd, 15 startups from all around the World have had the opportunity to showcase their innovations in the heart of Silicon Valley. Despite not winning

Attending the Deep Learning Summit organized by NVIDIA in the “Future of Visual Computing” Round Table Meeting 2015

The conference held on 22 and 23 September in Bonn (Germany) was a high interest collaborative event with many “Break Out Sessions” to share ideas, exchange information and discuss the latest technological trends with NVIDIA technical team, NVIDIA customers and other partners (companies such as Dell, Fujitsu, HP …) and some industry gurus. Rigual Ferran,