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Identification of the Owner of this site and web pages

In order to comply with that established in the regulations applicable regarding services of the information society and e-commerce, below are shown the general information details and identification of this website:
This website is the property of SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., with company address at C/Martinez Cubells, 7 1º 1ª 46002 Valencia; NIF B98459332; egistered in the Company Register of Valencia, Volume 9502 Dossier 166 Sheet V-149608 Registration 1; e-mail address  info@sadako.es; telephone number + 34 934900368;

1. Conditions of use
1.1. This website contains materials prepared by SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. which have been included for solely informative purposes. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. is not responsible for the errors or omissions that may occur in the contents of this website, or assume any liability or commitment to verify or watch over the contents and information of this web page.

2. Limitation of Responsibility
2.1. Whoever uses this website does so at their own free will and risk. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. is not responsible for the errors or omissions which may occur in the contents of this web site. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will also not be considered liable for any damages arising from the use of this website, or for any action undertaken based on the information provided in it.

2.2. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., owner of this website is also not responsible for any informatics damage or of any other type that may occur to the user visiting and accessing the contents of this site. For this reason, SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that may cause damage or alterations to the informatics system, in the electronic documents or the files of the user or contents of this website. In consequence, SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. is not liable for the damages that these elements may cause the user or third parties.

3. Privacy and Data Protection
3.1. In compliance with that established in the General European Regulation of Data Protection 2016/679 of the 27 April 2016 (RGPD), SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. informs the user / client of the existence of a computerised file of data of a personal nature created by SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. and administered under their responsibility as Head of Treatment with the aim of undertaking the maintenance and management of the relationship with those requesting information or clients who have accessed and provided information and the authorisation of the treatment of information through the electronic forms of this site or through e-mail messages.

3.2. The data that you provide to SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. is used to manage your application, provide you with the information and/or services you request. The abovementioned forms, as well as the sending of a consulting e-mail, with your personal data, will explicitly request the authorisation for the consent of the sender (and user) for the computerised treatment of the data included in these means of communication. The data will not be ceded to third parties.

3.3. Except in the fields that expressly indicate otherwise for being obligatory, the passing of required information about personal data will be of a voluntary and optional nature, without the denial of providing this information implying a decrease in the quality or quantity of the services that you request. The lack of completion of the fields marked obligatory or the provision of incorrect data will make it impossible for SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. to manage your application or send the information requested.

3.4. 3.4. Regarding the data requested in the manner required in the previous sections, the user will be able to exercise their right recognised by European Regulation 2016/679 (RGPD), these being the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data, opposition, suppression or right to forget, limitation and portability. Exercising these rights can be done in writing to the “Head of Data protection” to the Company address supplied or by an e-mail to the address info@sadako.es where your application will be duly attended to.

This application must contain the following data: user’s name and surname, address for purposes of notification, photocopy of the ID card or passport, and petition that defines the application. In the case of acting in representation of third parties, the same applies by means of reliable documentation.

3.5. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will save the data of a personal nature that it has requested, and will adopt the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised treatment or access. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will comply with these duties in accordance with that established by the European regulation of the RGPD and which are detailed in the corresponding document of Registry of Activities of Treatment of Files.

Additionally, the staff of SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., as well as their possible suppliers, outsourcers or collaborators, assume the commitment to undertake their work respecting the confidentiality, obligations and security measures established on the framework of Data Protection.

3.6. 3.6. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. may transfer this personal data only to entities that collaborate with it in the treatment of information and with the previously indicated purposes and authorised by the user.

3.7. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. does NOT have technological suppliers contracted in countries that are not European or do not have regulations equivalent to the European ones (Third-party Countries). Any future hiring of services to parties responsible for treatment of data made by SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will always comply with the requisites established by the European normative of data protection, applying in the treatment of its data the guarantees and safeguards necessary to preserve the privacy of this information.

4. Other treatments

4.1. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. does not use spamming tactics, and neither are users registered by a mere visit to our web page. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will only treat the information that the user provides us with via e-mail, or on informing themselves about our products, and in both cases, providing the explicit consent for the treatment of this data.

4.2. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. does not use cookies to accede to information relating to the users of the website. However, it reserves the right to modify its criteria regarding the use of cookies, in which case, it will provide the public and accessible information of the Policy of Treatment of Cookies that SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. will have decided to establish on its web page.

4.3. SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. undertakes business activity in accordance with the obligations of information, development of procedures and organs of control and internal communications and other obligations included in the regulation in force about measures of prevention of money laundering.