Max-AI, a TV star in El Hormiguero 3.0 show!

Max-AI, a TV star in El Hormiguero 3.0 show!

Special guest at the science section of the Spanish super-famous Antena3 program El Hormiguero 3.0, Max-AI© demonstrated live its capabilities in waste separation.

Before a huge audience (2,200,000 people, leader that day in prime time with a “share” of 14.1%), the collaborative version of Max-AI showed how it is capable of separating objects from waste on a conveyor belt, in a simplified version of its usual environment, waste treatment and recycling plants.

On this occasion, their mission was to distinguish and remove objects other than transparent PET bottles, functionality known as “negative sorting” (removal of improper objects in a flow of recyclable material). Even with such unusual objects as a plate from El Hormiguero that was launched by the program’s presenter, Pablo Motos, Max was successful in the challenge 😉.



Max-AI AQC-C (for Automatic Quality Control – Collaborative) is the world’s first collaborative recycling robot, and El Hormiguero defines it as “a true revolution in recycling plants”. During the program and in this article the science team of El Hormiguero explains that it is called collaborative because it can work together with people without risk of damaging them, and how this technology has been developed jointly by a Spanish company and an American company. Indeed, at SADAKO TECHNOLOGIES we have developed the Artificial Intelligence that acts like the eyes and brain of Max-AI, which is a product of the American Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) who is in charge of all robotic aspects, integration, marketing, production, installation and maintenance.

Remi Le Grand, European Director of sales of Max-AI, and Rosa Delia García, Director of Business Development at Sadako Technologies, accompanied Max-AI in front of the cameras. Behind them Andy Luna, Product Line Manager of Max-AI, and Diego Ramirez, Lead Technician of Max-AI, contributed with their technical and logistics efforts to make Max the science shining star of the show.

All them had the pleasure of sharing with Pablo Moros, Director of the program, Marron, Head of the Science section and the rest of the El Hormiguero 3.0 team, a very exciting evening.

See full video here.

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