Max-AI extending its impact

Max-AI extending its impact

In April 2017, after an extraordinary R+D effort, first unit of Max-AI© robotic sorter started operation.

Since then, an impressive number of units have been sold in 4 continents. More than 40 Max’s are already installed and working hard every day, sorting waste and contributing to better recycling and environment preservation. Many others are sold pending for installation in the next weeks or months.

In these thrilling two years, Max-AI has extended its reach to many countries, and we have seen the birth of the double and quadruple units (AQC-2 and AQC-4), the only – vision ones (max-VIS), and in these last days, the newest family member, the collaborative robot AQC-C.

Multiple Max installations like GreenWaste Recovery (California) or Repower South (South Carolina) are among the most highly automated MRF’s of the World.

Also, recycling companies like rPlanet Earth and CarbonLITE has selected BHS for fully-automated facilities including Max-AI  units as key technological elements for high quality and minimal manual work.

In addition, Max-AI has been a shining star in industry congresses and exhibitions everywhere, last one the Waste Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, where the collaborative AQC-C has been introduced.



And of course Max-AI has received extensive press and media coverage. See in this recent post by Resource Recycling how recycling robots have spread across North America, Max-AI undoubtfully leading that expansion.



Max-AI is a product of Bulk Handling Systems empowered by Sadako Artificial Intelligence technology. The joint forces of the two companies has resulted in an awesome equipment that main waste and recycling operators already have in their facilities and that is born to change the way the World recycles.