Max-AI® on the go! New units, exhibitions and videos

Max-AI® on the go! New units, exhibitions and videos

Max-AI keeps on expanding, while a new Expo Season is taking place and new amazing videos are available.

New Max-AI® units are being installed each month, progressively populating the World with a crowd of already hundreds of robotics waste rescuers 😊.



Today Max-AI product line comprises a full offer of solutions, all based on the same intelligence but for different applications:

  • Max-AI VIS (Visual Identification System): the Core of the product line, a vision system & multi-layered neural network to see and identify objects. Stand alone, it allows material composition detection and analysis.
  • Max-AI VIS with NRT Optical Sorters: Added layer of intelligence for the Optical Sorters
  • Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control): robotic sorting either negative picking (extracting impurities for material quality control) or positive sorting (“last call” to recyclables on the reject streams), with the following options:
  • AQC-1: high-capacity single robot up to a 30inch belt
  • AQC-2: high-capacity dual robots up to a 60inch belt
  • AQC-C: collaborative robot works alongside others, minimum installation time
  • AQC-Flex: Heavier payload picking


The booth of BHS – Max-AI on the WasteExpo (celebrated 10-12th May in Las Vegas) showed real units of several Max-AI family members, making it easy for the many visitors to learn about the wide range of possibilities Max-AI opens for any Material Recovery Facility.



For the next IFAT Exhibition that will run in Munich from 30th May to 3rd June, Max-AI intrepid Demo Loop will be back at booth 317/416, located in Hall B5. The booth will feature the latest in screen, air, optical, and AI & robotics technologies for the global market.

While waiting for seeing Max-AI in action in Munich, you can watch these recent awesome videos of the AQC-C and the AQC-Flex:





And finally, this Max-AI Overview video, explaining that Max-AI begins with the vision system VIS, and how the adding of robotic sorters form the AQC assortment.




All powered by SADAKO AI Technology! Very proud to see our algorithms working inside this amazing equipment pieces to recycle all around the Globe.