Sadako: hands-on in times of pandemic

Sadako: hands-on in times of pandemic

From home or at the office, all these hands (Sadako’s hands) have kept working to generate Artificial Intelligence that gives eyes to waste sorting robots all over the World.

It’s now more than a year since coronavirus crisis impacted our lives and our jobs, but Sadako team hasn’t stopped at all. We’re fortunate that most of our activity can be done remotely and in spite of the organizational challenges at the beginning, virtual work has shown very successful for us.

Suitably equipped with technology, we’ve managed to maintain fluid communication and interaction, both between us and with our customers and collaborators, to keep on generating AI vision for the many waste sorting and monitoring units that has been installed during these months around the Globe, with Sadako’s algorithms inside.

At the same time, as some tasks required on-site presence since the first days of pandemic, and as we partially and progressively come back to the office, we have implemented all needed prevention measures, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for those in Sadako’s premises.

Flexibility, trust and optimism have driven our adaptation to pandemic. In spite of the pain and difficulties coronavirus has brought, we want to take the positive outcomes: our team extraordinary good response, new tools implemented, remote working validated enabling better life-work conciliation.

From industry perspective, waste and recycling are essential services for society. Pandemic has highlighted even more the need of automation for those waste management tasks involving people in direct contact with garbage.

Robots are here to minimize human contact with dirty and potentially contaminated waste items, and Sadako is providing AI capabilities for those robots to see among the trash. Our hands are their eyes.



* Bonus track. These small hands were born during pandemic as two of our team members became parents 😊. Hands of the future, warmly welcomed in the hope to leave them a better planet.