Sadako Technologies pitch at RoboBusiness 2015, California

Sadako Technologies pitch at RoboBusiness 2015, California

Our CEO Eugenio Garnica had the honour to pitch in front of a prestigious jury and more than 300 people in the RoboBusiness Pitchfire contest, where on last Septmber, the 23rd, 15 startups from all around the World have had the opportunity to showcase their innovations in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Despite not winning the contest, we received special congratulations from the jury for Wall- B, and Eugenio’s inspiring speech about how robotics revolution is already a reality, with robots finally ready to perform complex tasks in real environments, had an excellent welcome and impact.

In RoboBusiness we also had the great and valuable opportunity to meet “in person” the most advanced robots in the world, and to contact with major companies in the sector and potential suppliers and investors.

We even received the hug of a humanoid robot! ?

See Pitch Video (2 min)

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