We're Hiring - We Want You !

We're Hiring - We Want You !

Are you a talented informatics engineer, computer scientist or similar with knowledge in Artificial Intelligence?

Do you want to work in a cutting-edge company that uses AI to build a better and more sustainable world?

You may be interested in our open positions:

                AI ENGINEER 2018

                IT & DEVOPS ENGINEER

Internship positions are also available for those studying informatics or related fields:

                SADAKO AI INTERNSHIP        


 If you want to apply, please send us an email to bgarnica@sadako.es with reference to the position, attaching your CV and any other relevant information you consider.

 The personal data you may send will be treated solely for the purpose of evaluating your candidature and will be erased, unless otherwise indicated, once the selection process has been completed. See our Legal and Privacy Note.